Guest Information

Code of Conduct

Waynesborough is a first class private country club. We ask that while on Club property, you behave in a manner consistant with that of a lady or a gentleman.

Dress Code

Members, their families, and guests are to dress in a manner consistent with a first class, private, family-oriented country club. Proper attire is generally referred to as "Country Club Casual." It is each Members' responsibility to inform their guests as to the requirements of our dress code for golf, racquets, clubhouse, and swimming, as Members and guests not suitably dressed may be asked to change clothing prior to being admitted or served. Club management and staff have been authorized to implement the dress code. Please direct any questions regarding the dress code to a manager on duty.  

Country Club Casual
  • Men/Boys
    Collared shirts and turtlenecks tucked in and belted, tailored pants, appropriate denim, and shorts of appropriate length.
  • Women/Girls
    Appropriate tops (no midriff showing), appropriate length shorts, skirts, and dresses, tailored pants, and appropriate denim.
  • Appropriate Denim
    Any solid color that is tasteful and properly fitted. Denim that is frayed, faded, torn, patched, or cutoff is not permitted anywhere.
  • Appropriate Shorts, Skirts, and Dresses
    No shorter than 4" from the top of the knee or 15" from the waistband.

Clubhouse, Patio, and Adirondack Chairs
  • Fairway Grille, Lounge, & Bar

    Country Club Casual. Before 5:00 PM, tennis and pickleball attire is permitted. Members and guests must be age 18 and older to sit at the bar high-tops/banquette tables and age 21 and older to sit at the bar.

  • Mad Anthony's Pub, Pub Patio, and Adirondack Chairs

Country Club Casual. Tennis and pickleball attire is permitted. Paddle attire is permitted October through  March.

  • Fireside '65

Country Club Casual. Jacket preferred; tie optional. No sportswear permitted. Children under age 12 not  permitted.

  • Not Permitted
    • Short Shorts
    • Sheer Fabrics
    • Clothing revealing midriffs or undergarments 
    • Ripped, faded, or torn clothing
    • Clothing with large logos/graphics
    • Swimsuits, bare feet, and associated pool attire
    • Yoga pants or leggings are only permitted under a conforming skirt or conforming shorts/pants.

  • Hats
    • Men and boys are required to remove their hats while inside the clubhouse, except in the lock room, golf sop, and hallways between. Hats with bills facing forward are permitted outside the Pub Patio and at the Adirondack chairs. 
    • Women may wear sporting hats in all areas of the clubhouse, except for Fireside'65. 

Golf Course & Practice Facilities
  • Men and Boys

Collared shirts are required (mock collar minimum height of 1.5" is acceptable) tucked in and belted.  Shorts must be of appropriate length (no shorter than 4" from the top of the knee or 15" from the  waistband.)

  • Women and Girls

Golf shirts with a collar, golf shirts without a collar but with sleeves, high neck golf shirts without a collar  or sleeves; skirts, slacks, skorts, capris, and shorts of appropriate length (no shorter than 4" from the top  of the knee or 15" from the waistband.)

  • Not permitted on Golf Course & Practice Facilities 
    • Denim clothing
    • T-shirts
    • Cargo pants/shorts
    • Aerobic or workout attire (yoga pants or leggings are only permitted under a conforming skirt or conforming shorts/pants for added warmth)

Tennis, Pickleball, and Paddle 
  • Clay Court Attire
    Colored tennis and pickleball attire*, except from Memorial Day through Labor Day when "all white" tennis attire is required. All white tennis attire is to have no more than 10% colored trim. All accessories, such as hats, visors, wrist bands, head bands, sweaters, warm-up suits, tennis sneakers, and socks are not subject to this rule.
  • Hard Court Attire
    Tennis and pickleball attire* all year 'round.
  • Tennis and Pickleball Attire*
    Players are expected to present themselves in a professional manner and wear recognized tennis attire. Attire can be any color tennis shirts, tennis shorts, tennis skirts, and warm-up suits. Regulation tennis sneakers are required. Proper tennis undergarments are strongly recommended.
  • Not permitted for tennis or pickleball play:
    • Gym shorts
    • Cargo pants/shorts
    • T-shirts
    • Clothing with large logos/graphics
    • Running shoes/street shoes
  • Paddle players
    Expected to present themselves in a professional manner and wear recognized paddle attire. Regulation tennis sneakers are required.
Swimming Pool

Members are to arrive at the pool entrance in a suitable cover-up, and to use discretion in choosing bathing suits, which are not too revealing. Casual shorts, tops or sundresses are recommended attire.

Not permitted at the swimming pool:
  • Denim cut-off shorts
  • Clothing with holes 

If coming up to the clubhouse from the swimming pool, make sure to modify your dress. See Country Club Casual defined above.

Trap Range

Participants are expected to follow the dress code for Mad Anthony's Pub. 


Tips to be considered at a guest's discretion, are the locker room attendants for services performed (cleaning golf shoes and street shoes), the caddie master, the parking valets, and the coat room attendant.


Parking areas at Waynesborough are clearly marked. The clubhouse circle is designated as a fire lane, and parking in the circle is prohibited. Valet parking service may be offered during peak season. Click here to view the campus map.


Smoking is permitted in designated outdoor areas, only.  This rule includes electronic smoking devices and such devices that emit fumes. 

Lower Level designated outdoor area: On the golf course side of the cart path.
Main Level designated outdoor areas: Cameron Hall outdoor patio for banquet events; On a trial basis, the uncovered area of the upper terrace from December 1 through March 31 (smoking is prohibited at this location from April 1 through November 30).