• Directions
    • Directions to Waynesborough Country Club

      • 440 Darby Paoli Road, Paoli, PA 19301
      • (Phone: 610-296-2122 Fax: 610-993-8784)

      From Philadelphia and New Jersey:

      • Take PA. Turnpike to Valley Forge exit #326 or Schuylkill Expressway (West) to King of Prussia.
      • Take Route 202 South (West Chester) to Paoli exit, Route 252 South.
      • Follow 252 South for 3.6 miles to clubhouse on right (approximately 1 mile after crossing route 30).

      From Delaware and Maryland:

      • Take I-95 North to Route 202 North--towards King of Prussia.
      • Take Paoli/Route 252 South exit and follow Route 252 South to clubhouse (as above).

      From Central Pennsylvania:

      • PA. Turnpike (East) to Valley Forge (exit 326).
      • From tollbooth, go straight 300 yards, and then take Route 202 South exit (West Chester).
      • Follow Route 202 South to Paoli exit, Route 252 South.
      • Follow Route 252 South for 3.6 miles to clubhouse on right.

      From Northeastern Pennsylvania:

      • Take Northeast Extension of PA. Turnpike West to Valley Forge (exit 326).
      • From tollbooth, go straight 300 yards, and then take Route 202 South exit (West Chester).
      • Stay on Route 202 South to Paoli exit, Route 252.
      • Follow Route 252 South for 3.6 miles to clubhouse on right.

      From Blue Route (I-476):

      • Take exit 9, Broomall/Upper Darby, which puts you on Route 3, West Chester Pike.
      • Go West, through Broomall to Newtown Square; at Route 252, turn right (North) for 4.5 miles to clubhouse on left.

      From Delaware County:

      • Take Route 3 (West Chester Pike) West to Route 252 in Newtown Square.
      • Turn right (North) onto Route 252 and follow North for approximately 4.5 miles to clubhouse on left.

      From Philadelphia International Airport:

      • Take I-95 South to Route 476 North (Blue Route).
      • Follow 476 North to the Broomall/Upper Darby exit, #9.
      • Take exit, and at light, make a left onto Route 3, Newtown Square.
      • Follow same directions for Delaware County.

      From West Chester:

      • Take Paoli Pike East; continue East on Route 30 to Route 252.
      • Turn right (South) onto Route 252; clubhouse is approximately one mile on right.
  • Parking
    • Parking areas at Waynesborough are clearly marked. The clubhouse circle is designated as a fire lane, and parking in the circle is prohibited. Valet parking service may be offered during peak season. Click here to view the campus map.
  • Dress Code
    • Dress Code
      Members, their families, and guests are to dress in a manner consistent with a first class, private, family-oriented country club. Proper attire is generally referred to as country club casual. Members and guests not suitably attired may be refused service and asked to change clothing prior to being served.

      Management/Staff have been authorized to implement the dress code. Members and their guests must respect any decision they render regarding dress. Please direct any questions to your server, staff member or Manager on Duty. It is each Member’s responsibility to inform their guests as to the requirements of our dress code.

      Main Level
      Founders’ Room – Business casual, jackets preferred for men.
      Fairway Grille, Fireplace Lounge, Terrace – Country club casual or business casual, appropriate denim permitted. Golf attire is permitted.

      Lower Level
      Mad Anthony’s Pub, Pub Patio – Country club casual, golf, tennis and paddle attire, appropriate denim permitted.

      Country Club Casual
      Men/Boys: Appropriate attire for men and boys include the following: polo type shirts with collar,
      turtleneck. Sleeves may be long or short. Pants must be tailored slacks, appropriate denim or Bermuda shorts. Length of shorts must be no shorter than three (3) inches above the knee. Men’s shirts must be tucked in and belts are required.

      Women/Girls: Appropriate attire for women and junior girls include the following: dresses, tailored slacks, skirts, shorts, skorts, Capri pants, and appropriate denim. Length of dresses, skirts, shorts, and skorts should be no shorter than 4” from the top of the knee.

      Business Casual
      Men: Collared and turtleneck shirts and neatly pressed, properly fitted slacks. Jackets and ties are optional, but preferred. Shirts must be tucked in and worn with a belt.
      Women: Dresses and skirts, pant suits, and dress slacks with appropriate tops.

      • “Appropriate Denim” is tasteful, properly fitted, solid denim of any color which may be worn in all areas of the Clubhouse except the Founders Room. Denim may include jeans and skirts. Denim that is frayed, faded, torn, patched, cutoff or with elaborate embroidery is not permitted;
      • Denim is not permitted at the three annual Club Picnics. Consideration will be given to permit jeans at other special outdoor events and will be noted in the event description;
      • Men’s and boys’ hats are to be removed when dining or in the Clubhouse, except in the locker room, golf shop and hallways between. Men’s and boy’s hats, bills facing forward, are permitted on the Pub Patio and at the Adirondack chairs.
      • Women may wear hats when dining and in all areas of the Clubhouse.
      • Unacceptable attire includes: hoodies, tee shirts, athletic shorts, warm-ups, sweatpants, cargo pants/shorts, short-shorts, sheer fabrics, yoga pants, clothing revealing midriffs or undergarments;
      • Swim suits and associated attire are restricted to the pool area;
      • Shoes are required. Bare feet are permitted only in the pool area.

      Tennis Dress Code
      All attire must be white only, no more than 10% colored trim allowed. All exterior accessories (wrist bands, head bands, socks, etc.) must comply with above rule. Hats, visors, sweaters, warm-up suits, and sneakers are not subject to these rules. Tee shirts and aerobic attire are not permitted. All players must wear non-marking, smooth-soled tennis shoes. Running shoes are not allowed.

      Paddle Tennis Dress Code
      Regulation tennis shoes must be worn by all players. Street shoes are not permitted.

      Swimming Pool Dress Code
      We ask Members to arrive at the pool entrance in a suitable cover-up, and to use discretion in choosing bathing suits which are not too revealing.

      • Cutoffs, khakis or golf shorts are not permitted as bathing suits.
      • Bathing suits are not permitted anywhere else on the campus.

  • Cell Phones & Mobile Devices
    • Non-verbal communication is permitted (no talking) in the clubhouse and parking lot. You may check your cell phone or mobile device for messages and send text messages. Cell phones and devices are to be set in silent mode (ringers off!). Members needing to make or receive calls can do so in any of these “phone friendly” places:

      • Men’s and women’s locker rooms (courtesy phone available for local calls)
      • Men’s and women’s lounges (courtesy phone available for local calls)
      • Bride’s room (next to main level restrooms-courtesy phone available for local calls)
      • Third floor of the clubhouse (business offices)
      • Inside an automobile (but, not in parking lot!)

      No cell phones or mobile devices are to be on or near the tennis/paddle courts. Use of cell phones and mobile devices are permitted in the Tennis Shop/Paddle Hut only.

  • Code of Conduct
    • Waynesborough is a first class private country club. We ask that while on Club property, you behave in a manner consistant with that of a lady or a gentleman.
  • Smoking
    • Smoking is only permitted in designated outdoor areas such as the Fireplace Lounge patio and the front patio outside the pre-function area. This rule shall pertain to electronic smoking devices and all such devices that emit fumes.
  • Gratuities
    • Tips to be considered at a guest's discretion, are the locker room attendants for services performed (cleaning golf shoes and street shoes), the caddie master, the parking valets, and the coat room attendant.