Admission to Waynesborough is handled through member sponsorship with the primary sponsor taking the lead role in processing a prospective member's application to the Admissions Committee. To begin the process, the member sponsor should request a sponsor's kit from the Club office. This kit contains a clear definition of a sponsor's responsibilities, a list of the steps in the process, an application form, and a current schedule of membership fees. Four letters of support (one from the member sponsor and two from the member supporters) are needed to support the application. Upon approval by the Admissions Committee and the Board of Governors, the candidate will be extended an invitation to join the Club.

Prospective Members have the option to apply for one of four membership classes:

Full - use of all Club facilities
House - use of all Club facilities with limited use of the golf course
House B - use of all Club facilities except the golf course
Social - use of the clubhouse only
Have questions about membership? Please contact Andrea Melchionda, our Membership Director.